Friday, January 30, 2009

More Analysis Results

Another part of developing accurate portraits of our audiences is determining when they use the library. In conjunction with the two surveys described below we also conducted an hourly assessment of attendance Between November and January. These statistics were taken directly from the counter embedded in the security gate at the entrance to the library atrium. The preliminary results show a modest start to most days, between 60-80 patrons in the first hour, with a gradual rise during during the day, and especially heavy use between two and six p.m. and a gradual downward slope until closing. The probable reasons for the ebb and flow? Plausibly, attendance increases after the St. Vincent De Paul Center conclude its noon time meal service, school is dismissed, and the work day ends. As the evening wears on, some patrons are ensconced at home, others are availing themselves of overnight shelters, and those here to do homework have completed that exercise. Fairly prosaic results, certainly nothing unpredictable, although I would like to conduct assessments during each season to identify any meaningful changes. Also, the characteristics of patronage are helpful in making decisions on a number of matters: when to schedule programs, when to schedule staff in various departments, and when our security officers need to be on site. It is the sort of information, which in combination with patron surveys will allow us to provide exemplary services to our public.

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