Monday, February 2, 2009

Meeting other community needs

The Otis Library has evolved beyond its traditional role as a repository of information, and is more appropriately described as a community center. One responsibility that implies is identifying community needs and addressing them, either alone or preferably in collaboration with other city agencies. In the near future we will introduce another program reflecting a collaborative solution to an existing problem. Working with the Norwich department of Human Services, the St. Vincent De Paul Center and other cooperating group we will launch a job training program for members of the city's homeless community. Participants will attend training sessions on job related skills, and then put those skills into practice at various sites, including the Otis Library.We want to encourage some of the basic skills-punctuality,customer service, taking supervision- absolutely essential to job performance and productivity. Our hope is to make this a first step on the path to employment for one segment of our constituency.

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