Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hard Times

Today's Norwich Bulletin and New London Day feature articles on the proposed closing of the YMCA in Norwich. Whether is is directly related to the current flaccid economy is unclear-at least to me-but it is a tragedy. There have been innumerable stories on individual fiscal pain and suffering. We are all aware of the financial condition of the city, that austerity is the current mantra, and that the results of the forthcoming city budget are likely to be more portentous than many citizens currently realize. The closing of the YMCA has far reaching, decidedly negative ramifications for every strata of society in Norwich. Despite some obvious differences, it, like the library is a community center with programs and resources essential to community health and well being. I sincerely hope that we-individuals, government, foundations-can identify and cultivate the resources necessary to resuscitate and stabilize this community keystone.

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